Comedian Mamiek Prakoso Cover Age Before His Last Exhale Popular Man Who

Sunday, August 3, 2014 at an early age ke3 years, comedian Mamiek Prakoso cover age. Before his last exhale, popular man who passes group Srimulat buffoonery that was undergoing treatment at Brayat hospital in Solo, Central Java.

Mamiek rumored, died of illness contracted lever. Hearing this, a number of celebs join Homeland expresses bela sungkawanya through social networking Twitter account. One of them,

Sudjiwotedjo. In the twitternya sudjiwotedjo account he wrote, goodbye Mamiek Prakoso … until a news conference is … utangRasa.

not only Sudjiwotedjo, the singer also joined grieving.

through the GlennFredly account, he reveals, grieving for comedian Srimulat Mamiek Prakoso who died yesterday of …Trimakasih mas Mamiek. love. SrimulatLegenda.

Director does not want to miss. He wrote jokoanwar,
account through R.I.P. Mamiek Prakoso Srimulat.
a number of the films title also once played Leftright, such as Mamiek OK on and Realtor in 1989, Mas Frog likes, Its Okay Little Ajaesar to enter in 2008, King in 2009, Finding Srimulat and tears the last Virgin in 2013.

Orlando Bloom Send Direct Messages Specific To The Actor The Message Sele

After the quarrel Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Orlando Bloom, send direct messages specific to the actor. The message Selena to Bloom was revealed to the public.

a source expose the contents of the message Selena, for one the widower. Selena reached out to Bloom. And he sent a text, how he regretting behavioural Bieber, said an anonymous source was quoted as saying from Hollywoodlife.

signaled that, Selena also shed his sadness over this. He already considers the Bloom as his best friend. Selena confessed, it made her sad and ashamed. Kesedihanya thus exceed Bieber, reveals the source again.

after hearing the outpouring of heart Selena, Bloom tried to entertain and give advice to Biebers former lover

Bloom suggested that Selena Bieber pulled off and take care of himself. Bloom asked Selena to better care for themselves, says the source.

Bloom also asked that Selena was always thinking positive. He asked Selena to turn something negative into positive. Selena listening to that advice, added the source.

Not Only Leaves A Deep Grief For His Family But Also For Other Comedians

The departure of senior Mamiek Prakoso comedians not only leaves a deep grief for his family, but also for other comedians.
Lis Hartono or familiar accosted Cak Lontong also claims to be very lost one of his close friend s. He also recounts his memories with a man who is synonymous with brown hair in the kananirinya.

Ive been working with Mas Mamiek as TVRI. Hes the dude dont ever pilihilih a friend, said Cak Lontong, Monday August 4, 2014.

before, the man who is now always performed in the event that the Club had Buffoonery Indonesia looked out to a hospital in Solo where the deceased was cared for. Cak Lontong claims to be surprised to hear news of the departure of Mamiek.

Moreover, according to him, such as his own already Mamiek within the realm of good comic. He studied biological sister of Didi Kempot it.

Mas Mamiek was like my teacher. Because I studied a lot about the world and a good comic stage from him, he said.

Before the departure of Mamiek, she got to see infusion needle are removed by reason of the condition of the deceased have been improved. However, it turned out the conditions critical to makin Mamiek exhaling a last gasp.

I was shocked. Wong initially have his tubes removed it already released because his condition is good, apparently God willed kok is another, he said.

heard this, and some comedians Lontong Cak more planning on organizing the House of the deceased in the village of Jenggrik Kedunggalar, Sragen, East Java.

Stin Bieber And Orlando Bloom Became A Public Spotlight This Feud The Two

A quarrel involving two big Hollywood, artists Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom, became a public spotlight. This feud the two artists make the public curious. They want to know about the cause of the quarrel.

Reportedly triggered the quarrel was with a rectangular love story between them. After breaking up with Bieber, Selena Gomez got caught with Bloom.

Meanwhile, Bieber rumored exwife teases Bloom, Miranda Kerr. This feud became public consumption, after video circulated in cyberspace.

Unfortunately, there is not much information unearthed from that video. According to witnesses, Anastasia Skolkova, contention that occurs when Bieber went to Bloom and alluded to the matter of Kerr.

Bieber says something and then jumps off the couch Bloom for crashing Bieber, he was quoted as saying from Hollywoodlife.

Added Skolkova, not just one, but two punches while infighting that occurred. When the Bloom hit the Bieber, everybody started clapping, he said.

he went on, the security officer immediately separating the two. Bieber and Bloom trying to punch each other, he said.

Bieber that provokes immediate secured and brought out. They bring the Bieber went from a restaurant, said Skolkova.